Florence too late to be saved?

Firenze, Ideas competition, 1973

Alberto Breschi, M.D. Bardeschi, G. Cruciani, R. Pecchioli


The area between the Mugnone and Viale Spartaco Lavagnini, that is the spine of buildings envisaged by Poggi to connect the Fortezza to Piazza della Libertà, in Florence, was entirely demolished to permit the installation of the new containment and drainage “walls”.
This area consists in the natural-artificial “hill” in which, regarding exclusively the exterior section, two types of installations are situated: A – a multi-function technological grid (fixed support for variable spaces) which directs toward the exterior city the “out of scale”, in the sense of the horizontal continuity of the intervention, and is destined to drain the flux from the urban area and to temporarily house all service activities expelled from the centre.