Puntone tourism-related residential complex

Scarlino, 2005

Alberto Breschi, Flaviano Maria Lorusso




With the aim of a wide and organic urbanistic-architectural unitary design, the solution of the project completely fulfills the objectives: from the development of the tourism-related vocation of the highest qualitative level for a driving role in terms of the territory in which it is inserted; to the enhancement of the qualitative levels of the existing environmental and anthropic system, valorising the natural and urban connotations; the re-qualification of the existing settlement at Puntone, through interventions aimed at re-organising and strengthening public and collective services, also in function of their accessibility to the population of the coastal and inland areas; the re-organisation and integration of the existing infrastructure; and the incentivation of private enterprise aimed at the valorisation in tourism terms of the area, within the framework of the guidelines and parameters of the Structural Plan.