Aula B for the Humanities Library in piazza Brunelleschi

Firenze, 2015 (Breschistudio Associati)

Alberto Breschi, Gianluca Chiostri, Michele Argiolas, Claudia Giannoni



The project for reconverting into a study room the old Classroom B of the Faculty of Letters is part of the reorganising of the new Humanities Library, as described in the preliminary Project of September, 2014. The expressive structure, in exposed concrete, of the original project, defines the space of the hall as the longitudinal development of a portal constituted by pillars and beams that emerge from both walls and ceiling. The project has revisited the restoration of the hall and of part of the entrance, for the purpose of including some furniture. Shelves and study desks were included in the design and in the distribution in order to valorise the spatial features of the hall: longitudinal development of a transversal sequence made of a high shelving unit placed next to the entrance wall, a low central shelving unit and the reading area on the side of the window. Without the presence of false ceilings or a floating floor, the project includes an air condition system inside the reading desks, while designing the lighting system as a pattern of overlapping elements suspended from the diamond-shaped beams.