Triangular-type apartment building

Pistoia, Italia, 1983-87

Leonardo Savioli (coordinatore), Alberto Breschi, Paolo Galli, Walter Saraceni, Danilo Santi





The building is the culminating element, in terms of dimension and formal strength, of the new settlement of the Fornaci, of which it represents the most external architectural structure, projected towards the territory and the landscape. A sort of artificial hill in itself, with the inclined covering as a system of terraces and steps, it is characterised by the creation, half-way, of a covered terrace which serves the function of an urban “square”, obtained from the entire free plane which corresponds to the lateral shifting, regarding the section, of the upper half of its volume. Placed alongside a lower and planimetrically rotated quadrangular tower, it forms a complex architectural block with a strong sculptoreal effect. The inclusion of a nursery school and other collective spaces complete its prevailingly residential function.