Terraced-type apartment building

Pistoia, 1987-89

Leonardo Savioli (coordinatore), Alberto Breschi, Paolo Galli, Walter Saraceni, Danilo Santi



The residences are organised along a “bar” which serves as a morphological connecting tie-beam between the first residential tower at the beginning of the complex and the social services block which has the function of a focal junction, at the central choke point of the lot, between the two morphological systems of the complex. The accentuated horizontality underlines the subordination of the single buildings to the creation of a comprehensive organic “urban effect”, made of dynamic tensions and dimensional counterpoints. To the long, linear volume are added, through a structural solution based on a superposition over the gate that highlights their autonomy, of two smaller structures characterised by the unusual curved shape of the towers of the elevator shafts, which redeem in terms of meaning, regarding the surroundings, the pure functional need. The two architectural configurations derive from the typological variation, in terms of distributive organisation, of the dwellings, highlighted by the different solution used for the windows, which are set in strips in the bottom structures and dotted in the towers above.