New projecting roof for the market and re-qualification of the Piazza of the Isolotto

Firenze, International competition, 2015 (Breschistudio Associati)

Alberto Breschi, Gianluca Chiostri, Claudia Giannoni




The Piazza of the Isolotto constitutes a space which is exaggeratedly long in comparison to its width, characterised by functions lacking hierarchical organisation and an organic design: car park, market, street, sidewalk and church. Our proposal combines the original project for the square which was never completed with a contemporary critical analysis that identifies 3 sub-systems following a hierarchy derived from functions and from the different uses of the greenery. 1: a group of trees and a system of furnishings and decorations defines the churchyard not as the simple perspectival threshold of the urban clearing, but as a small square for social interaction. 2: the groups of trees of the churchyard are repeated at regular intervals throughout the square to define a car park conceived as a shaded garden with well-organised pedestrian crossings. 3: in order to connect the churchyard to the long river at the opposite side of the square, the project envisages a projecting-roof of artificial trees which, running between the car park and the street, redefines the urban morphology and creates a space that can be used both for the market as well as for staging other events.