Underground car park in Piazza Brunelleschi

Firenze, 2012 (Breschistudio Associati)

Alberto Breschi, Claudia Giannoni, ASI progetti integrati srl



The aim of the project is both the building of the underground car park and the complete re-qualification of the square: the hypotheses analysed are based on these premises and include the various design requirements (including the circulation of vehicles, the management of the car park, and fire prevention regulations) into a single uniform design in which technical requirements are included without strain. In the aesthetic and architectural project of the area the technical aspects do not constitute elements of discontinuity, but in both solutions proposed the square recovers its own space, wide and characterised by a design that is coherent with the context, while the functional elements such as ramps and circulation are harmonically inserted, well integrated in the overall design. The project envisages the demolition of the old structure of the Building Department and the reconstruction of a new building in full respect of the provisions established by the Building Code and the Technical Standards for Implementation of the Municipality of Florence. From the architectural point of view, the dimensions of the new building derive from the desire to seek the best possible integration with the context. The purpose is to give the square a coherent and unitary image, in which the proportions of the buildings are visually connected in such a way as to create an overall uniform design where no element is extraneous. The underground car park has two levels and occupies the space below the square, keeping a distance of 5 metres from the existing buildings on the north-west and south-west sides of the square, and of approximately 3 metres from the Institute of the National Association for Disabled ex-Servicemen (Istituto dell’Associazione Nazionale Mutilati e Invalidi di Guerra).