Urban park and additional facilities in Cagliari

Urban park and additional facilities in Cagliari, 2005

Alberto Breschi, F.M. Lorusso, Lorenzo Vallerini, Luigi Gavini, Alberto Loche, Pierpaolo Perra, Maria Franca Perra, Sandro Roggio, Vania Erby, Ivan Corellas, Anna Paola Iacuzzi, Antoni Vinci, Francesco Deriu





The re-qualification of the area into a Great Urban Park, understood in its most essential meaning as perfect harmonic synthesis between nature and artifice, permits the currently lost, denatured and disfigured landscape to indicate a path for an urban re-foundation in which nature, through its representation as a park, becomes the generating principle for triggering the reconfiguration of the physical and symbolic forms of the new city, of its new urban form. At the functional level it condenses the residential system, including dwellings, offices, and small businesses.