Restoration and functional regeneration of the old slaughterhouse “Ex Mattatoio” in Sassari

Sassari, 2002

Alberto Breschi, Luigi Gavini, Sandro Roggio


The complex known as Ex Mattatoio in Sassari extends over an area of approximately 6750 m2, of which close to 2600 m2 are occupied by built structures. The area as a whole includes the presence of complexes of cultural importance for the city, such as the nearby faculties of Languages and Letters, and other regional educational and research Institutes. The project envisages the restoration of the building and its adaptation in order to house new cultural functions such as the general archive of the University of Sassari; and inter-faculty library, which will serve students from all faculties and must therefore have an adequate collection of books, as well as appropriate areas devoted to the archive, both digital and in print forms; a Main Lecture Hall, Restoration laboratories and annexed classrooms.