Project for the expansion of the “E. Fermi” Technical and Commercial Institute

Pontedera, Competition-contract competition, 1989

Alberto Breschi con M. Bianchi, Eugenio Martera, Paolo Setti




The limits of the economic-functional programme is included in the conceptual framework at the basis of the project. Thus the matrix form of the new building is configured through the volumetric simplicity of a rectangular prism, so as to concentrate in a strong unitary theme, typically linguistic in nature, its formal denotation: a homogeneous cladding in slabs of local stone completely covers the building, giving it a monolithic appearance, with the exception of the openings. The repetitive theme of the windows, which assumes a typological “normality” in the design, refers instead to the peculiar setting-up of the window system, which is the other formal theme of the composition: a specially designed steel industrial grid that provides the windows with shading devices, which as a whole configure a second formal enhancement of the building.