School Campus at the ex-cattle market of Florence

Firenze, 2002-2007 (Breschistudio Associati)

Alberto Breschi, Loris Macci, Francesco Stolzuoli





The project hypothesis for the new integrated educational pole derives from a well documented need to safe-keep the original structure. The 19th century buildings will be entirely rehabilitated and their morphological configuration provides the guidelines for the development of the new school and suggests the morphological layout of the new buildings. In particular the new buildings (the two rods and the glazed transversal connection) are projected in accordance with an altimetric profile and a planimetric development strictly correlated to the existing buildings, following a “completing” design which maintains the original parts perfectly legible and autonomous and develops a typological idea of a great educational hub. An “enclosure” is thus created, formed by the main front of the stables and barns, characterised by the insertion of the terracotta ox-heads, the new buildings and the glazed connection that links the two parallel structures. This creates a large space at the centre which serves as an internal courtyard, protected and equipped, for the exclusive use of the school.