Multifunctional Centre for providing services to companies

Pistoia, 1989-90

Alberto Breschi con Eugenio Martera, Paolo Setti




A unitary design for uniting the old and the new and permitting the insertion of the new exhibition function without renouncing to the “memory” of the “workplace”. This integration, necessary at the compositional and spatial levels, must be extended to the choice of the functional-distributive solution to the point of involving the most suitable structural hypothesis, the choice of materials, the technology for the installation of systems and the combination of colours.
The envisaged location of the pilot project is substantially the same as for the De Carlo project, which has the function of linkage to the old warehouse, known as “the cathedral”, that completes the system. We decided to keep the position because it seemed the most coherent since, without compromising the spatial features of the whole, it permits a more rational use of the spaces in relation to the various morphologies of the two adjacent warehouses; it serves, in fact, to contain the area with the truss covering with skylights, which is undoubtedly the most expressive and harmonic in terms of dimension and is used for housing on the ground floor and at half-height the services and equipment necessary for an exhibition complex of this size.