Enoteca italiana

Londra, 2016 (Breschistudio Associati)

Alberto Breschi, Gianluca Chiostri, Claudia Giannoni



The project for an Italian restaurant in London becomes an opportunity for reinterpreting the features of the collective imaginary’s idea of an “Italian wine-shop” within the topic of restoration. The aesthetic features of the shop, the lack of a warehouse for stocking bottles, and the need for exhibiting the wines to the public were solved with one single solution with an equipped wall conceived as a beautiful interior cladding ornament. The geometrical seriality of the equipped wall is also the tool for providing proportion to the long and narrow space of the shop. At the same time the heterogeneous nature of the preexisting covering becomes an excuse for reinterpreting the theme of the typical modelled intrados of vaulting in Italian wine cellars, the passage of the installation systems for the kitchen, as well as for ascribing a hierarchy to the three areas of the shop: the entrance and shop itself, a wine bar with open kitchen and a VIP zone.