La collana di Perle

AA.VV., Alinea Editrice, Firenze, 2003

The purpose of this volume is cognitive research and hypotheses for valorisation regarding non-state run museum structures in the province of Florence, and analyses, following a survey programme established together with the Culture Agency of the Province of Florence, 60 museums that operate in the province, excepting those of the city of Florence itself. The research was based upon a premise that considers the terms of “identity” and of “diffused museum” as strictly interconnected. The identity of a place is thus identified with a complex process, stratified through time, dense in events, both individual and collective, natural and artificial, sudden or slow and gradual transformations which have produced and accumulated documents – objects, buildings, works – of every type and shape which tangibly represent the perceptible trace of our history. Diffused museum as an organism divided into several branches and as a complex system of services intended mostly for conservation purposes, but deeply rooted to the origins, the sources of cultural heritage and of the educational system which permits participating in a collective creation.