New Town Hall in Figline Valdarno

International competition, 2001

Alberto Breschi, Flaviano M. Lorusso, Spira srl





The strong connotations and social import of the theme proposed by the insertion of the offices of the Town Hall and of additional public functions in the complex of the Lambruschini ex-elementary schools, place on the forefront the need to confer to the new structure destined for that purpose the significance as true fulcrum of the life and relationships of the inhabitants.
The issues derived from the carrying out of a project capable of fulfilling the said functional and symbolic requirements, guided the research from the limits of the features of the building in question to the identification of specific compositional rules capable of ensuring the rigorous morphological control of an “expansion” of the existing facilities and an efficient interpenetration between the building and the surrounding environment, highlighting its role as public facility and as space for social interaction. The block which constitutes the necessary expansion of the initial nucleus is therefore structured by wedging itself into the “emptiness” around which the internal facades of the School are placed, and on the specular reversal of the area of the old building in order to confer to the covered square outside the Council Room the central role, in both compositional and symbolic terms, of the new Town Hall.