New entrance to the Santa Verdiana University Complex and renovation of piazza Ghiberti

Firenze, First prize international competition, 2005

Alberto Breschi, studio Ferrara Associati, Barbara Lami, Eva Parigi, Matteo Zetti, Giovanni Todesca




In the relationship with the courtyards of the ex-Convent of Santa Verdiana the strategic role of the new architecture (new office building block) can be identified, which is not the filling up of an empty space, but the true portal to a citadel, focus of the new “walls”, and communication between the emptiness of the square and that of the inner courtyards (connection to the life of the neighbourhood, exhibition area, etc.). A large covered portico projecting from the structure of the ex-convent over the square, provides the first strong signal of this conception of space, efficiently providing the possibility of moving throughout and using the collective spaces, especially those located under the covering of the new, suggestive and stimulating, building complex.