Residence theme park: Minimal housing for an advanced society

Firenze, 2008

Alberto Breschi, Andrea Branzi, Barbara Camocini, Giovanni Todesca



Within the general framework of social housing, the overall objective of the proposed intervention is that of triggering a process that overcomes the limitations and minimum quality parameters linked to the typology in question, directing its efforts towards the construction of a true and valid residential alternative. The scenario for the project therefore introduces the concept of social housing, no longer as a single possible solution for the lower social strata, but as the choice for a life based upon the sharing of advanced services, environmental sensitivity and civil responsibility. In this process of re-functionalising, two intervention typologies are identified: a new linear structure and the rehabilitation of the existing one. The first is configured as a temporary residential structure for the inhabitants that will have to leave their homes due to the rehabilitation works. The re-qualification of the buildings is carried out through interventions related to the re-definition of the urban layout, to the renovation of the sanitary services and other installations, as well as to the compliance with anti-seismic regulations, energy saving and the use of solar energy.