Residence theme park: I.T. platform for study and work

Firenze, 2008

Alberto Breschi, Andrea Branzi, Barbara Camocini, Giovanni Todesca




The re-qualification project proposed in the area of the station of S. M. Novella, near the Railway Maintenance building, is addressed to a category of users that includes students, researchers and young entrepreneurs who are interested in living in Florence, either temporarily or in the long term, for purposes of study or work. In this specific context the increasing use of computers, internet, e-mail and mobile phones has caused deep transformations in the way of perceiving work and in the way of conceiving space. For this reason the crux of the project could be technology, and what happens inside the industrial nave of the Railway Maintenance building could be interpreted as the superposition of various layers represented by: offices and dwelling for young creatives, specific services for the users of the theme park (fast internet connection areas, media library, materials library, etc.), university students and advanced services shared with the city (advanced urban center/info point, centres for alternative mobility).