Residence theme park: Residences-workshops

Firenze, 2008

Alberto Breschi, Andrea Branzi, Barbara Camocini, Giovanni Todesca




The great complex of Sant’Orsola is re-qualified according to a functional-mix, highlighting its architectural morphology and preserving the memory of its ancient usage. It envisages a prevailing residential function, however combined with commercial, educational and research activities. In this project idea the interior courtyard constitutes the space for public mediation with the surrounding city, as a sort of small “square” which, together with the adjacent market and square, defines and offers a system of connecting arteries capable of initiating a rich and effective circuit of attractions and interactions. The residential section houses a new “Residential Museum of Sant’Orsola”, meaning with this term an original ensemble of activities which include the housing of artist who are invited for a limited period of study and work. The space is fundamentally free of fixed structures and is entirely modulable according to the needs, thanks to a system of work planes, dividing walls and movable furnishings in the form of wooden modules for the night and day zones.