Projects for the urban rehabilitation of industrial archaeology

Prato, 1991

Alberto Breschi con Tommaso Caparrotti, Paola Falaschi, Flaviano M. Lorusso, Pier Paolo Perra



Some examples of the rehabilitation of buildings belonging to the category of “industrial archaeology” attempt to illustrate the motives and the correct methodological process for interventions on urban-architectural complexes with a strong historical-documentary significance, to then place them as precious and fundamental matrices of the urban re-design and re-qualification of the city of Prato. Assumed, in fact, as possible “historical centres”, in terms of dimensions and features, within the expansion of the quality-less suburbs, they even suggest a formal research methodology that considers the built additions, accumulations and assemblings of morphological articulations as the most appropriate and interesting compositive-linguistic devices, in terms of their possible architectural refiguration.