Restoration of a Fiorentina Gas branch building

Firenze, 2003

Alberto Breschi, Enrico Bougleux con Valerio Barberis, Edoardo Cesaro



The expressive nature of this building derives from a marked separation from the slightly projecting covering and by the support platform on the ground level, obtained by an uninterrupted system of windows. The main front presents the “design” of a facade which attempts to “lighten” the 5-storey composition of the building. In fact the ground floor – partially underground – and the upper floor, have a wide uninterrupted window system whose function is that of separating from both the ground and the roof the central stone structure, which instead has only three lines of point-shaped windows, making it appear as a 3-storey building. Vertical communication links are placed near the entrance and are well visible from the outside. A single main distribution corridor is placed at the centre and the different areas can be easily modified by relocating the equipped movable walls, adopted as a consequence of the features of the structural solution which uses a supporting frame in reinforced concrete with pillars at 5,90 and 7,70 centre to centre intervals.