Industrial regeneration and project for the New Council Hall in Prato

Prato, International competition, 2006

Alberto Breschi, studio Spira s.r.l., Paolo Taddei, Tommaso Chiti, Giacomo Tempesta, Claudia Giannoni




The urban re-qualification and design of the city are a permanent ‘re-treating of the existing matter’.
In Prato the ex-factory in Via del Romito is certainly one of the most important examples of Industrial Archaeology, for two primary reasons: the quality of the architecture and its exceptional dimensions. The project as a whole includes an entire block, maintaining its outward unitary and material configuration in the plaster of the facades, punctuated at the same time with double-height glazed nodes inserted at strategic points of the functional distribution. In the interior, the great courtyard takes on the role of ‘urban space’ on which open the accesses to the structure