Urban rehabilitation of the area of the Ex-SAICA in Alghero

Internationl competition, 2004

Alberto Breschi, Luigi Gavini, Sandro Roggio

Vania Erby, Ivan Corellas, Anna Paola Iacuzzi, Antoni Vinci, Francesco Deriu






The original idea is that of a transplant of typical components of the nearby historical centre of Alghero, characterised by a web of mostly pedestrian streets which cross through it in a continuous succession of visual perspectives. A single front with a strong material impact through which narrow pedestrian passages find their way. At the place where the new promenade is situated a larger space opens, which represents the mediation between the ancient city and the new expansion. The highest block which towers over the square is de-materialised by the great brise-soleil which recalls the stylised image of coral, which is the emblem of the city.