Re-use of the area of the ex-Tannino industrial complex

Bibbiena, Ideas competition, 1979

Alberto Breschi con Giovanni Bacciardi, Lino Bellia, Gino Boccabella, Carlo Clemente, Pasquale Ielo, Flaviano M. Lorusso, Tommaso Manco, Reza Massoud-Ansari, Roberto Pecchioli





The analysis of the complex through a survey, and especially the definition through it of the elements of unitary synthesis, were an essential tool in the drafting of the project. In other words, the intuition of the presence in the old factory of a latent architectural quality, with signs of a consistent relationship with the territory, both potential and effective, as well as of a possible image, of the relationship, that is, with the culture of men, precondition for architectural restoration.