Waterfront Baku Pavilion

Baku, 2013 (Breschistudio Associati)

Prof. arch. Alberto Breschi, arch. Gianluca Chiostri, arch. Niccolò Bassilichi, arch. Claudia Giannoni


Baku is a city in which East and West meet. The great economic and urban development of the past few years, in an attempt to relate the city to modernity and European culture, has often resulted in replicating an alleged Western imaginary which is alien to Azeri culture. The proposal of the project consisting in glass pavillions for the new Baku waterfront wants to critically oppose this form of mistaken globalisation: on the one hand the replication of the Roster Tepidarium in Florence (knowledgeable example of a belle époque globalisation), and on the other the glass serigraphy with the geometric decorations of Azeri carpets, which combines well with the geometry of the Florentine metal structure. The proposed multi-purpose pavillion can house events aimed at the increasing number of tourists and business-men that visit Baku. The pavillion, additionally, is designed so as to be replicated in different contexts throughout the country.