Piazza IV Novembre

Sesto Fiorentino, 2011-2014 (Breschistudio Associati)

Alberto Breschi, Claudia Giannoni, Niccolò Bassilichi, SPIRA srl



If finding and understanding once again the forms of the evolution of a place, both physical and cultural, means reconstructing and looking into its “memory”, that is understanding the history of the physical phenomena and of the reasons that have determined transformations and mutations, in a close and unmistakable relationship with the choices made thinking of a future projection, memory, to which our project wants to reconnect, is therefore the memory which precedes the project from the Seventies: the search, that is, of a prevailingly empty space, characterised by a marked length in relation to its width, maintained, in its current conformation, by the presence of the trees. The preservation of a large part of the linden trees is envisaged, while pines, which are not adequate for urban environments (superficial roots which interfere with pavement, the danger of sudden falls in case of intense weather conditions) are to be felled. In other words the project proposes to return the place to its condition as a “square”, as a place, that is, for social interaction, events, and rest at the service of the inhabitants of all ages, from children to the elderly.