Update on the project for the Multi-function Building on Piazza Largo Annigoni

Firenze, 2015 (Breschistudio Associati)

Alberto Breschi, Gianluca Chiostri, Michele Argiolas, Claudia Giannoni, Giacomo Tempesta, Giovanni Ghini



The project originated from a report regarding different issues, often opposed to each other. If, on the one hand, urban morphology required the construction of the missing facade of Piazza Largo Annigoni, on the other, the project had to include both the specialised function as an office building, and the public function of an entrance from the square itself to the university complex adjacent to the lot in question.
The project conceives the missing facade of the square as a great abstract composition which gives ornamental value at the urban scale to the various functional blocks and the few large openings. While, on the one hand, the geometry of the office building is aligned and completes the built system around the square, at the same time the new entrance to the university and the projecting roof, rotated according to the planimetric orientation of the university complex behind it, create a new urban relationship aimed at giving new life to Piazza Largo Annigoni