Not only parking lots

Firenze, 2013 (Breschistudio Associati)

Alberto Breschi, Mardia de Santis, Flaviano Maria Lorusso




The traffic crisis that results from the great number of vehicles in circulation in cities, together with the contrary need to find a balance between public space and the aesthetic-environmental quality as a whole, and especially in historical centres, has determined the growing central role of parking lots in view of any serious perspective regarding the re-qualified management of urban structures. The recognition of a need which has not yet been met with the corresponding recognition of a potential architectural opportunity, both public and private, capable of offering itself as an asset in the contexts in which it is placed, thus determining the preferred short-cut of transferring it underground. The problem, therefore, of the “aesthetic annexation” of a structure currently considered as purely utilitarian in nature, and even impermeable to formal values, is seen instead as an opportunity for a meaningful expression of civil architecture, that is of a topical contemporary public space. Especially in its version as an extroverted building, perhaps even combined with other functions, it can represent a thematic field that stands as a paradigm for the unusual mutations which affect the contemporary functional and design customs and the use of cities in terms of a new environmental and aesthetic sustainability.