Re-qualification of the square of Tavarnuzze and adjacent areas

Tavarnuzze, 2006-2015 (Breschistudio Associati)

Alberto Breschi, Flaviano Maria Lorusso, Enzo Giusti, Claudia Giannoni con Giacomo Benvenuti, Barbara Lombardi, Niccolò Bassilichi, Michele Argiolas




The relationship to the place is at the basis of the fundamental choices that determine not only the planivolumetric design and configuration, but also the choice of the materials used. The matrix of the project is the Italian Piazza, with its unmistakable square geometrical shape, which in the 19th century was usually crowned with tall trees. A large square space in areas equipped for leisure and rest, which assumes as an innovative design the concept of the square as a “collective living-space” which functions as an “open” public space. Regarding the project, the urban connections studied by the design create a solid connection of the square with the consolidated urban fabric, and the area of intervention takes on a double role: the marginal zones are treated as “equipped” areas and serve as a frame for the “nice living-room” of the square. In this way the square becomes the hinge and the connection of the two most significant expressions of Tavarnuzze: the old station, symbol of the historical memory (which is restructured according to the new design of the square), and the new equipped park, future projection of a new Tavarnuzze. The orientation of the square itself is based on the rectangular matrix of the old station and the new covering over the square creates a projecting-roof loggia behind which offers a spectacular backdrop, a reference to the loggias which often surround squares in Tuscan historic cities. The materials used (cement, tiles, alberese stone, plaster and aluminum) are also expressions of a double intention to generate a new intervention, however within a controlled transformation, in full respect of the context and of the historical memory of the place.