Tourism resort

Montauro, 2010 (Breschistudio Associati)

Alberto Breschi, Serafina Amoroso, Claudia Giannoni




The characterising traits of the project are its relationship to the place and the desire to integrate the building to the context, both regarding the architectural styles and the materials and colours used. The project “lies” on the land without upsetting it, but rather following the natural slope of the hill: in an ideal reconstruction of the matrix for the project, first is the sign of the landscape, on which the lines of the gentle terracing are inserted, characterised by the use of the local stone, and in the interior the use of architectural typologies with the light colour of wood, tinted with white yet not completely covering the texture of the material, and finally elements such as wooden grids and window blinds left in their natural colour. Observing the outline of the intervention, it can be seen how the new state of the place does not alter substantially the situation, since the operation carried out consists mostly on the regulation of the planes on which the buildings stand, through “micro” – terracings that produce slight height differences.